About Us


  • To be an nationally and internationally recognised company in the consulting, learning & development space.
  • To be the most trusted consulting, learning & development partner by our clients.
  • To be a source of knowledge in area of Banking, other Financial Institutions, and other companies.
  • To be recognised among the great places to work.


  • To offer differentiated consultancy, learning & development products and services that add value to our clients.
  • To build long term partnerships with our clients by being focused on their needs and delivering quality work in a cost-effective way.
  • To invest in building sustainable relationships with our employees as well as our partners, business associates and consultants.


  • Team work
  • Result orientation
  • Ethical practices
  • Mutual respect
  • Customer focus


  • CEO: Pardi Sudrajat
  • Director: Hera Nirmala Dewi

Consulting Team

  1. Mahyudin Ramli
  2. Santaputra Pita
  3. Mahdany Muliawan
  4. Etty Fauzia
  5. Mohamad Helmy